On the Road

Whew! Long week...definitely looking forward to Friday. I guess that's what a long weekend usually does--makes it a little tough to get into the work groove. But here we are, and in honor of our sweet Lily's 16th week of life today, I've put together a little (okay, really big) collection of photos recounting our trip to New Orleans.

What fun! We were only there for a few days (Saturday afternoon through Monday morning), but we managed to cram in window-shopping in the French Quarter, a walking vampire tour, a stop at St. Louis Cemetery #1, a stroll through Jackson Square, and lots (and lots!) of yummy food and drink.

The crew en route

a crawfish paperweight in the lobby of our bed&breakfast

lily touches down in nola!

a common theme at nawlins establishments

our beautiful room, plus a foosy

carl & lily on st. charles street

hehe. look at all those rolls.

probably the world's strongest bloody mary

on the streetcar. i know it's not nice, but a lady just almost totally wiped out at the front of the car. she didn't though, and everyone here is trying to contain their laughter.

the french quarter

st. louis cemetery #1

more of the french quarter, including jackson square and st. louis cathedral

we hired a (fantastic) sitter during the evenings so carl & i could enjoy new orleans' nightlife together grown-up style. two of my old college roommates, aubrey and maggie, are from new orleans recommended a slew of places, including the very pretty column hotel and the very dive-y saint bar.

the photo above is of the three-piece band playing at the saint. we listened to them while munching on some free chili dogs.

carl took hudson on several walks at this park, which was just a few minutes away from our hotel.


Our weekend trip to the coast in video.

After our ob-gyn appointment last Friday (all is well and baby is head-down and in position), we loaded up the gang and headed south toward the coast. Just a few hours later, we set up camp (a 4-person pop tent!) mere paces from the shore on Mustang Island.

We made s'mores, walked along the water, slept and spent the entire next day enjoying the beach. Carl fished, Ryland splashed in the water for hours before they both made a sandcastle, Hudson frolicked on land and sea and I spent most of my time in the water, letting the waves crash on my back and carry the weight of my belly. We saw a beach sunrise, a host of crabs, mystery slugs and our doula, Tina, and her family! And finally, Saturday night, we decided to treat our sandy selves to a hotel rather than camp out another night. Fun all around. It was one of our most memorable weekend yet, and we have a ton of photos and video (!) to share....

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