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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When I was pregnant, I fantasized about the day when my eventually pre-teenaged daughter and I would spend afternoons together, blissfully splurging on long lunches, swapping summer camp stories and sipping Shirley Temples,  perusing the racks at the local thrift (what, that's not your perfect day??). In short, I couldn't wait to have my own little live-in best friend. Fast forward two years and I've done all of the above  chased Lily through a lot of thrift stores, but more often than not my "dream day" has been cut short by a pre-naptime meltdown (er, reality).

But! As Lily gets older and more communicative and less dependent on a stringent noon - 3 p.m. siesta, we've been able to log some major buddy days in. Sometimes I find myself missing her company so much, I scoop her up from daycare a little early just to have her around. Doing things. Yesterday was one of those days. I finished my pressing tasks at work a bit early and headed Lily's way, when it crossed my mind that it would be the perfect time to get that pedicure I've been putting off for days (weeks?).

This time, I thought, Lily could come, too. Because, why not? The rose-colored mommy-daughter dates danced through my mind. I armed myself with extra lollipops, a carton of organic vanilla milk from Starbucks (Lily's fave), a sheet of stickers and a fully-charged phone and we marched into my favorite local salon. Luckily, it wasn't overly crowded and the wait was minimal. Plus, the staff is super friendly and accomodating. Nary an eyebrow raised when I took a seat in the pedicure chair and plopped my very curious toddler on my lap.

first she fueled up

then she made herself comfortable. 

next, she dove right in.

So... how feasible is a pedicure with a two-year old? Well, it wasn't the relaxing experience I usually look forward to, but Lily and I both left with perfectly polished toes, and that's what counts. My technician was super patient as Lily stuck her toes, then torso, in the pedicure tub, then "accidentally" swatted the technician with a towel. After a while though, Lily relaxed and we had enough stickers to keep her busy while we finished up. Lily was super excited about having her toenails polished (and trimmed and filed!), even declaring they were "booful" before we left the salon.

nobody puts baby in the corner

ahem. lily is waiting. 

"tada!" she says.

Lily is still so mesmerized by her coral toes that she commands, "no touch!" every time I ask to take peek.

All in all? Even more perfect than I had imagined.


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