Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello :) It's been a while, eh? After nearly a year away from writing this blog, I've decided to recommit myself. I've missed this too much, and Lily is growing up much too quickly. So, I'm back! As much has changed, I'll post a few recaps, but I'm just excited to be writing again. 

In a nutshell... Last October, Lily and I (plus Hudson) moved into the little house I last posted about. A few months later, I started a new job, and now work as the marketing manager for a weekly magazine in San Antonio. I've spent the past half-year finishing my graduate courses (gotta get that thesis written), working harder and longer than ever before, and raising Lily as a single mama. I've made beautiful connections with a lot of inspiring women, committed to therapy, co-"starred" in my very first art exhibit at a real gallery, and have felt both more independent and peaceful, and more uncertain than ever before. Carl graduated from law school and continues to be a great papa to our little girl. Life is unpredictable and tough sometimes, but I feel strong, hopeful... and lucky to lead the life I do. 

The photo above is one of my favorites. My friend Sara Blanco (who also shot our maternity and newborn photos) asked to photograph Lily and I a few months ago. She asked to come into our home and capture us on a typical Sunday, and this is what she saw...

a sneak peak into lily's bedroom

le artiste 

love this little girl so so much

every good artist needs a bath afterward

my little free spirit.

handsome hudson

a spot of tea

i just love her expression here. 

ready for nap time


  1. Yey! I have been waiting awhile for this!

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