Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, Lily and I had the privilege to join my girlfriend, Xelina, and her family at their lakehouse in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, about an hour away from our home in San Antonio. X and her family had a couple days head-start, so as soon as the weekend hit, my best girlfriend Emily, Lily and I piled in my car and made our way out.

"beach" bound
the "infinity pool" outside of the lake house 
 little miss lily scoping things out 
emily and xelina
two of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet. 
my very favorite swimsuit from my very favorite hometown store
what i love most: eating, drinking, and good company 
 xelina, her husband, little "hector" and em


Horseshoe Bay sits on Lake LBJ which is very special to me. I went to a summer camp for ten years of my childhood life of this lake and most of my happiest memories happened right on these waters and it was so bring Lily here. 

 lovely hosts


  1. It'is the first time I read your blog. I found you through Ohdeadrea. I love your story and I have nothing more than admiration for the take you have on life. You and your daughter are beautiful, keep writting that I want to keep reading you.

  2. The suit looks so beautiful on you! I miss you--hope to see you again soon xx -jess

  3. What a beautiful get away! Great pics...super cute swim suit...Lily is adorable!


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