A Second Birthday

Saturday, August 3, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, Lily turned two years old. I don't know how it happened or why time is passing so quickly, but so it is. Since Lily loves all things fishy/water/swimming-related, we had an "Under the Sea" party in our backyard. Maybe we don't have a real swimming pool, but we had lots of kiddie pools and water toys for all her friends (and their lovely mommies and daddies) to play with.

Of course, my a/c konked out the morning of the party, so it was actually cooler outside (in texas, in the end of june) than it was in my house. Luckily, there was no shortage of water or beer or juice boxes.... and really good sports :)

Here is a [super photo heavy] recap of the fun...

 beautiful mamas, rachel & sara

an under the sea party isn't complete without go-fish 

bathing babies


my beautiful sister, kiki, who drove all the way from dallas for the day.

matt & isis

baby wyatt

 nicci & jackson

 the birthday girl doing birthday things?

the cake, baked and decorated by my super talented friend, lizzie, who sadly was out of town for the party (it was a hit, liz, thank you again!)

aquilah & orlando

lil greg 

nick & elliot looking too much like little boys (and not babies) for my liking.


miss pistol  

presents! lily lost interest after opening a whole two, i think. 

cousin noah

birthday wishes


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