Belated Birthday Post: Lily's Go-Green Garden Party!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eeep! I'm about a month and a half late on this one, but better now than never, no? 

Since Carl was in El Paso for his internship during the month of June, I threw her a birthday party in San Antonio to celebrate with all her little friends before we flew to EP so celebrate with family. I'll be posted photos of both, but first here's a recap of her party here in San Antonio.

The venue was the San Antonio Public Library Foundation's garden and cottage. This party was a mostly DIY project, and I'm thrilled with how it all turned out. Happy belated birthday, my sweetness!

this is the garden where we threw the party.
sadly, our photog didn't snap a pic of the whole setup, but this gives you an idea...

singing to the birthday girl

i baked organic, gluten-free cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting from scratch. they don't look all that great, but they were really tasty, if i do say so myself..

anna & elliot

vanessa & max painting a birdhouse

crafts and handmade party hats

megan & pistol 

sammy & elliana

maria & lily
(maria is lily's daycare provider who we all adore)

lily & mary, our amazing neighbor who helped *a ton* that day

birthday girl face

our beautiful group of first-time mamas & babies 

lily & my mom, who drove in from el paso for the big day

 baby friends

 i love this shot of my sister, kiki and her family. they drove in from dallas to celebrate

birthday wishes!


  1. such a cute little party! i love all the diy elements.

  2. Thank you! It went by way too quickly. I'm already thinking of themes for #2...

  3. These tend to run bigger than othes so if you're not ready to move up to the next size they help. I've had a few leakage issues though but that wouldn't deter me from giving this five stars. They move well too, when they get wet they don't become overly bulky.


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