9 Months

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

(so lily really turned nine months old on march 23, but you know how it goes...)*

My Dear Lily,
Nine months, little mama! Nine wonderful months have past since you were born and each passing day with you seems even more joyous than the one before. This past weekend, I realized something, er I realized a few somethings: you are my very best friend and I really love just hanging out with you. (I also discovered that you've recently developed a tickle spot on the bottoms of your feet. So fun!)

Of course, I've known for months now how much I love having you in my life and how desperately I miss you when I'm away (even for a few hours), but lately there's been a different kind of dynamic between us.
Playful. Sweet. Silly. FUN.

We share secrets. We share snacks. We share showers. We share a really crazy amount of love for your papa. We shop together, we dance together, we indulge in weird NetFlix documentaries together. And even though you can't quite find the words to say what's on your mind, somehow you always get your point across. In your very own Lily way.

We've been working really hard lately trying to get you to crawl. I even bought a big, nice rug for your nursery for you to sit on and explore. You seem so determined, so ready to be mobile, but you're not *quite* there yet. Papa's been especially persistent. He's got a cool towel trick that he's been working on with you for you to get used to the feeling of crawling. You'll get there. A few more weeks, I think.

Last weekend, we all spent some time at the pool at our school. At first, you and I sat at the ledge of the pool, dangling our toes to adjust to the cool water. Then, we propped you up in your inflatable seat and set you floating along the shallow end (we were with you, of course). You loved it! Loved! You started flapping your arms across the water, splashing us with delight. You had a great, big toothy (you have SIX toofeers now, little one!) smile on your face and even tried to dip your face in a few times. So much fun!

Lately, you and your papa have been especially inseperable. The two of you just adore each other and it is so wonderful to watch. Your papa really looks forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings, when it's just the two of you for a few hours while I'm at school. Sometimes, I come home to find the two of you curled up to one another in bed, and I my heart sings a little song.

I don't think I'll ever find the words to express my love for you, or how lucky I feel to be your mama. You are my happiness, and I hope and pray that you are having as much fun as we are, my little beauty.

All my love,

The Great Outdoors

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring has sprung in San Antonio and we've had a few weeks of really lovely weather recently that has allowed for several fun afternoons outdoors.

This season is particularly special to me. Lily's middle name is Aviv, which is a Hebrew word that means "Springtime", or "rebirth." As I've written before, Lily was conceived during a difficult time in our lives, and my pregnancy and her birth really marked a sense of renewal for us. In our home, we've been loving the Spring, the time outdoors, and our little Summer garden Carl planted. It's a special time, and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to experience it through the eyes of our baby girl.

As Lily grows, her personality continues to blossom and her beauty and spirit really radiate through the photographs we've taken. Funny how such a little girl can have such a *big* personality! She commands a room and she's barely 9 months old! She's sweetheart, a little diva, a daddy's girl and a goofball all at once...

what's better than a mimosa and brunch?
bottomless mimosas and brunch, of course. 

eskimo kisses from grandma norma

lily, the only girl at her monthly playgroup

the beautiful garden carl planted in our back porch

papa love

a picnic in the park

Happy Spring, ya'll!

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