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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hi. I don't know if there is anyone still even reading this little blog of mine, but if you are, hi :)

There are a million reasons I've been scarce around here lately, but we won't go into them. I reminded myself today that the purpose of this blog is to one day be able to share our photographs and stories with Lily. I have decided that although my blog doesn't come with a ton of bells and whistles like the bigger blogs do (giveaways, how-to's, sponsors, etcetera), this is our space to share the life we are making for our baby girl and I don't want to not update it because I'm overwhelmed by the idea of an editorial calendar for our blog.

Sure, overtime, I'd like to grow the blog into something a little different, when I can invest more time into it, but for now, I'm going to do my very best to honor what I had originally set out to do: celebrate Lily and remember the little things. She turned nine months old on Friday and I really can't let any more time go by without documenting it.

With that said, here's a little overview of the past month (plus) around here (thank you, Instagram!).

a happy baby | lily's first valentines | a sick baby (her fever reached 104 that time. not fun!) | her papa's biggest fan | a sleepy baby | my first hair cut in a year and a half! 

homemade organic chicken enchiladas | fun at the park and lily's first swing experience! | a tiny owl i met at work (the perks of working at a museum)


lily and i working an evening museum event | pretty flowers from our sweet neighbor, mary | a hudson | view from the top | carl stenciling lily's likeness on her crib! | a happy, teething baby

carl's family came to visit over spring break! 

ryland climbing mt. witte | ryland, angelo and emma in front of the museum i work at | lily and her cousin, dean | a night out with carl and his beautiful sister, val


  1. I'm still here and reading :) Just finally got my hair cut after a million years, too. Feels good! It's fun to see your picture updates and see all the smiles in them. Post when you can and want to -- isn't that the point, really?

  2. Still reading!!! Keep posting honey! We all know you are so busy with Lily, Carl, work, and grad school! Don't know how you do it mi amor, but, very proud of you!<3

  3. I feel ya.... I want my blog to be more, but between working full-time and taking care of the little one, I just never can seem to post consistenly, let alone tag on the bells and whistles. I think you're doing just fine... and really, it IS about documenting your life. That literally JUST what I was telling my husband about why I blog!

  4. Once I stopped putting the pressure of "why isn't my blog this big thing" I actually felt much better and love blogging again! I love having a chronicle of our lives. and your little one is adorable!

  5. I think it's only natural to want your blog to be successful and to get frustrated with the whole process. Looks like you have an adorable life! Post when you can!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet words. It's nice to be blogging again :)


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