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Thursday, February 16, 2012

When we first discovered I was pregnant, one of the first (and sweetest) gestures that Carl made was committing himself to build a crib for our baby.--Not to build a crib from a kit or to assemble one according to an instruction manual, but to design and create a crib from scratch.

Carl is quite handy. He's built bookshelves, patched an entire wall, among many other household project, but seeing as he's never had any lessons in carpentry or woodwork, a safe, nice-looking crib was a pretty serious goal. For months, he drafted various blueprints, researched crib models we liked, and he designed a few protypes. You see, he decided that he didn't want to use nails. He wanted the whole thing to be put together with wood, with as little nonwood materials as possible.

Finally, he came up with what we affectionately refer to as "The Dowel Project." It's a super complicated, time-consuming process that basically involves him creating hundreds of teeny tiny holes and teeny tiny, precise dowels, a ton of really precise measurements and a whole lot of drilling.

So, after several trips to Home Depot and many weekends dedicated to crib-making, Carl completed his home-designed, homemade crib for Lily!

Now, you may be thinking, "hmm...isn't Lily like, 8 months old?" Well, she will be next week, but since we co-sleep, there hasn't been a huge sense of urgency on setting up a crib because whether she had one or not, she would still be sleeping in her bassinet that attaches to our bed/with us. But lately I've noticed Lily has been enjoying more space of her own (and us, too), so this was really perfect timing.

Lily's cosleeper, which we scored on Craigslist for $40!

Lily playing in her cosleeper, like 5 months old?

7 months old, creeping out of the cosleeper and on to the bed. Ready for more!

Now, without further ado.... I present to you, Lily's new crib, built by her incredible daddy and his blood, sweat and tears (seriously).

Pretty, huh?

We modeled it after this really fancy crib that retails for more than $1000, which is way more than we could/would spend on a crib. And of course, this one is so much more valuable to us anyway.

All that's left to do is condition, paint and seal the wood. We've got a special project in mind for that panel, which I'll reveal when we finish it. Then we'll place the mattress pad, sheet, crib bumpers and that beauty will be ready to rock. YAY!

Here's Lily scoping things out. I think she likes what she sees...


  1. Darling, I know you all have been super busy, but, I miss your posts...:)


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