A Christmas Cruise

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whew! It's been a while, and booooy am I glad to be back and blogging! As she mentioned in the previous post (hehe), Lily, Carl and I were so fortunate to spend Christmas on a cruise with my dad and his entire family. There were 22 of us (including Lily and her 10-month old cousin, Noah!), with my little family, my dad and his little family, some cousins and their little families, and an aunt and uncle in from Israel!

The cruise was fairly short (4 days, 5 nights), and we went from Galveston, Texas, to Progresso, Mexico, then Cozumel, Mexico, then spent another day aboard the ship before docking back in the US. We had so.much.fun. Really. There was *so* much to do and eat and drink, and it was all so enjoyable. Of course, it was wonderful to spend time with my dad's side of the family, but it was just incredible to experience it with Carl & Lily, who really are the lights of my life.

Okay, enough blathering. This post is *very* photo heavy, so bear with me, and enjoy! (I'm going to do an entirely different post for our NYE time in El Paso).

 This is the Carnival Triumph when we first boarded. The weather was rainy and miserable in Galveston, but as soon as we touched Mexico, it was sunny skies!

 A fresh fruit appetizer. We had a seated, 4-course dinner each night and all the plates looked this beautiful.

 Coconut surprise

 Breakfast buffet. mmmm...

 Noah & my dad, who is quite proud that the little guy ate all of that apple.
Lily & her Saba
(Saba means "Grandpa" in Hebrew)

 This cruise was full of firsts for Lily. Here she is sitting in a high-chair all by herself for the first time!!

beard + sunglasses + baby in a harness = guy from the hangover comparisons. MANY OF THEM.
in fact, one guy in cozumel bought carl a shot just so he could take a photo with him!! HAHAHA.

Bar Lili in Progresso. We didn't go in, but just had to take a pic. 

 Lily's first time on the beach!
(when i was 9 months pregnant, we took a trip to the beach
but this was her first *real* trip)

 me, dad and little miss lily
 (on me: hat- j.crew (lovely bday gift from carl); sunnies- paloma picasso (purchased on super-sale from barney's outlet for $30!); suit- asos (bday gift from dad) | on lily: hat-petit lem (baby shower gift from tia alex); suit-gymboree (thrifted from a baby consignment store)

 the kiddies, l to r: Cousins Or, Noam, Ofek, Roee, Stav, Madison (Stav's gf), Vanessa (Laura's daughter)
(all the boys are from Israel, hence their unique names!)

 Foochie & mama

Foochie & Saba about to reboard the ship

 Carl & parakeet, Cozumel

 Me on a donkey, enjoying a Dos XX

 My dad and his girlfriend, Laura
 My sis, me and our babies

 my dad won the poker tournament onboard!(note: we had a family full of winners. stav won the "hair chest contest", noam won the ping pong tournament and madison was called onstage during the burlesque show!)

 Lily's Jellies, courtesy Carl's fam :)
They were a big hit.

 happy girl

 happy girl.



all my favs

snorkel boat!

 Carl was such a little dare-devil on the snorkel trip! He was dashing all over and came *thisclose* to touching the mantaray.

 pooped out.
more of the fam 

 My sis, Kiki, her boyfriend, Cedric and their son, Noah

Wherever and however you spent your holidays, I hope they were filled with warmth, laughter and love :)


  1. These pictures are so wonderful! Looks like y'all had a blast - what an experience!

  2. Cass - looks like such a blast. Lily is a doll. And i LOVE your swimsuit. Miss you, take care:)

  3. Thank you, Mary and Rachel!! It was really the trip of a lifetime :)


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