Ringing in 2012!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Okay, so I'm a little over a week late on this post, but all the holiday time off = very long, busy work week. It's been a pretty quiet Monday evening, both Carl & Lily are sound asleep next to me, so while I watch Forensic Files and catch up on my blogroll, I figured I may as well catch up on my blogging, as well.

So, after the cruise, Carl, Lily and I packed up the car *once again* and drove to El Paso to see the rest of our family. It was a short trip, but we were happy to ring in the new year amongst friends and family, and this time, with a twist: we (and by "we" I mean Carl's sister, Vicky, his cousin, Sabine, and his mama) planned a Masquerade Murder Mystery(!). It was a last minute idea, and they managed to pull the party together in under two days...a murder mystery kit download, a few adult punch bowls and appetizer platters later, and we were in business. We had so.much.fun. The best part? The party was hosted at Carl's mom's house (where we were staying), so the entire party was baby-friendly and we were able to celebrate the coming of 2012 as one big happy family.

the handsome one getting ready for the party

lovely vicky, her boyfriend, anthony, and carl

valarie, carl's other beautiful sis

pretty sabine (a new mama for the second time! see her baby boy below)

masks, etcetera

blood sangria, deadly punch, and other dangerous drinks

carl's good friend, turner (otherwise known as "texas t")

getting the fun started ;)


reading the rules

"pepper" reads her clues

carl's mama, playing the paparazzi

the other cassie, our most enthusiastic guest

carl (aka sherlock tracey) was the victim!

 everyone's a suspect...

 talk a little, eat a little

carl & me

And the littlest party animals...

lily and her cousin, dean

Happy 2012, friends!!


  1. Love these pictures! What a great idea for a party, looks like you guys had so much fun!


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