Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a really fun photo challenge on Instagram, called the January Photo A Day Challenge. Each day in January has a different prompt and participants are encouraged to share their photo, via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, etcetera. Just be sure to tag your photo with #janphotoaday to share with the rest of us!

I've been participating on Instagram, but figured I'll share on here, too, because why not?

The original idea is Fat Mum Slim's, and you can find an even more detailed explanation of the game plan on her site.

Here are my posts thus far:

Day 1: #me

 yay! my hair is finally getting long!

Day 2: #breakfast
 Eeps okay this one was a little cheat, since I really had fastfood for breakfast this day because we were road tripping back to San Antonio...but this is a (grainy) web pic of what I *usually* have for breakfast.

Day 3: #i adore (couldn't choose just one!)
 my engagement ring, that i find myself ogling all the time :)

 my baby, who i find myself ogling all the time ;)

Day 4: #letterbox
we live in a four-plex that was built in the 1930's and this is our cozy little mail system!

Are you playing along? Please share your info in the comments section...I'd love to follow!!


  1. I found your blog through Harpers Happenings - just wanted to say I LOVE your letterbox photo!

    I'm hoping to start with this photo challenge today!

  2. Thank you, Kate. I look forward to seeing yours!

  3. Just found your blog from your ad on PaperMama -- you and your baby are so. darling. And I totally wish I had an iPhone so I could do this instagram challenge -- it looks so fun!

  4. Thank you, Courtney!! You're so sweet. Good news... you don't need Instagram to participate, you can totally participate in the challenge on your blog! Let me know if you decide to do it, I'd love to follow along :)

  5. Hi, new reader here! Just found your blog through (she always loved) larking. I love all your pictures, you and you daughter are so pretty!! I think I'm going to do this challenge too, it looks like it would be a lot of fun!

  6. Jennifer, thank you so much! I just visited your blog and am so excited to see more :)


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