7 Months!! & an Open Letter to Lily

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Dearest Lily,

It's that time again, sweet girl. Another mini-birthday. Yet another month has breezed by and you're now a staggering seven months old. That's right, you've been here with us for seven whole months--quite literally *the very best* time in our lives.

This past month was an exciting one for our entire family; it was full of firsts and milestones for all of us. As a family, we took our first cruise and had a fantastic time. It was a really special vacation, and you were the perfect little passenger (and the youngest onboard!).

You traveled to a different country (Mexico), felt the ocean waves, celebrated Hannukah, Christmas and New Year's Eve, grew a tooth, got a big girl carseat, ate a broccoli, ate a lemon, ate an avocado (hmm..do you see a pattern here?), all for the very first time.

You're sitting up like a pro, and absolutely *love* it when Papa grabs your little ankles and flips you over. You flash a great big, toothy smile, cock your head to the side and arch your back in anticipation. You still are very much into breastfeeding, which I have to admit, I'm very much into, too. Our lunchtime visits and laying down in bed and nursing you in the evenings are my favorite parts of the day during the week.

You and Hudson are beginning to develop a nice bond and it's so funny to watch you tug at his little jowls while he (ever so patiently) sits there and, well, takes it. Haha! Papa and I are very excited to see you two grow up together and we know that you'll just adore him as you get older.

There's not much that you don't enjoy, to be honest. Okay, you don't love wearing shoes, and you much prefer being held/entertained than being left to play with your toys on your own, but don't we all?

I can go on and on about how quickly the time is passing, and what a joy you have been to us, but I think, (I hope), you can feel all of that. I cannot even find words to express how blissfully happy you've made us, my love. It's been the thrill of a lifetime to watch you grow and explore, and through you, we have learned what it truly means to love.

Happy seven months, little Foochie. We adore you.

Holds & Smooches,

Your ever-loving


  1. tearing up...literally. So sweet, Cassie!

  2. "Foochie." Oh my gosh, so, so sweet. I love how Carl is "Papa", too!

  3. Thank you, girls. I just can't get over that little Lily. We are so very blessed :)

  4. Your blog is beautiful as is your family! I am a new follower all the way from the UK- looking forward to reading more . xx


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