Thirty Under Thirty

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh my gah.

A few minutes ago--at midnight-- I was awoken by Carl, who, in his cute and loving way (what? squishing and then tweaking me isn't cute and loving?!), alerted me that I am now TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD and it is now time to trade me in (this is a joke, OBVIOUSLY. psh!).

That's right, today is my birthday and I am TWENTY-FIVE! I can't believe it! When did this happen? When did I turn into a bonafide adult, with a man and a baby and a dog and a home and a job all of my own? I can remember turning 16 and driving away from my dad's driveway on my own for the first time, seeing my parents watching me from my rear view mirror, choking back tears as they waved me on. I can remember that like it was yesterday. Wild.

I have to say, though, I couldn't be happier at this point in my life. Turning 25 surrounded by love and light, a sea of cozy white bedding and my two favorite people (plus a hudson)? Doesn't get much better.  I'm a very, very, very lucky lady.

Because time seems to be passing by more quickly each year, I've decided to write a little list of goals for myself over the next five years. 30 under 30. Some I'll reach, some I may not, but I'd certainly like to try. Some are personal goals, but most are things I'd like to achieve/experience with Carl/my little family. Here goes:

  1. Get married. We've decided that 2012 is our year! To wed, that is. YAY. Details to come.
  2. Graduate from grad school. Here's hoping 2012 is the year for that, too.
  3. Travel to Hawaii.
  4. Travel to Greece.
  5. Start a PhD program.
  6. Keep a clean house, consistently.
  7. See Carl graduate from law school, and then pass the bar.
  8. See Carl in his first trial!
  9. Buy a home.
  10. Make another baby.
  11. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey.
  12. Host a holiday for our extended family.
  13. Travel to Israel. (i've been a few times because my dad is from there, but i really want to take carl & lily)
  14. Learn to sew.
  15. Learn to knit.
  16. Scuba dive (i have a scuba license and i've done this a few times before, but i'd really like carl to get certified and for us to do this together).
  17. Make an extended road trip in an RV.
  18. Open a teeny tiny little bistro/cafe in El Paso.
  19. Start a non-profit. Or a PR firm representing Non-Profits.
  20. Have Lily begin a Montessori education.
  21. Visit San Francisco (i've done this before as a young girl and don't really remember it. i'd like to visit again, as an adult).
  22. Gamble in Vegas.
  23. Learn to play piano.
  24. Get an DSLR camera and learn to really use it.
  25. Pay off my car.
  26. Travel to Paris (i've done this before, too, but i'd like to do it again as an adult, and with carl)
  27. Get in really good shape. (i'm not complaining about my weight or anything, but i don't work out (like, at all) and i'm not even sure i could run a full mile without dying or puking. i've never been in *really great* shape (ie. been really fit) and i'd like to know what it feels like to be at my physical prime just once!)
  28. Have a good and healthy relationship with my mom.
  29. Learn Photoshop really well.
  30. Learn a third language.


  1. I love all of these, but especially 1 and 10. : )
    Happy birthday Cassie!!! 25 feels good, doesn't it?!

  2. great list! i'm with nat, i like 1 and 10 the most!

  3. Hai!
    Ok, first of all: Happy birthday (again!)!
    Second: Thank you so very much for the lovely heart-melting comment you left me. It made me cry (in a good way).
    Third: You have a lovely lovely blog!
    Fourth: Um, I could have written your list! I am up for 14 of the things you listed :)
    Also, it is exciting to read you are getting married!!! We got married when Bresho was 18 months and it was the most special thing in the world to have him there with us that day. It was just perfect!
    Many hugs and kisses to you and your beautiful family! xxo andrea

  4. Happy birthday! I need to make some such list. I turn 30 in only one year!

    I found your blog a bit ago - my husband and I (and our 3 babies) are also in San Antonio, in the Beacon Hill/Art Deco area. It was so fun to read about you all hanging out in Brackenridge (sometimes I feel like it is our second home, and other places around town.

    We've been here for my husband to get a B.S., and he finished this weekend, so now we are hoping for some quick employment.

    Happy birthday, again.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words and birthday wishes! I had an amazing day with my little family.

    @Natalie and Bess- #1 and #10 are my favorites, too! I'll probably be asking you both for advice as we begin planning sometime over the next few months :)

    @Andrea- Thank you, thank you! I am still smiling from your sweet comment.

    @Amy- Thank you! And CONGRATS to your husband! If you would ever like to get together for a playdate or some tea, please do let me know. You can email me at We're in Monte Vista, so we're not too far from you at all.

  6. Cassie, I am loving your blog! Going back through some old posts of yours and really enjoying "getting to know you" in online form. I love your 30 by 30 list! Have you seen this one from Glamour? I sent it to all my friends a few years back a few years before we turned 30. #18-19 seem so ambitious considering all you have going on with grad school, too! And congrats on #1. :)

  7. Courtney, thank you so much! I just read the Glamour list and I definitely agree with a lot of it. I've been following your blog, too, and I'm loving it. Your little one is just too cute!


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