Radvent, Day 2

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today's Radvent topic: Caring.

Be around other people today. Observe them. What are they taking care of?
Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm writing this from the comfort of our bed, so I'm going to comment on what people I have been around lately seem to be caring about. The people I've been around lately are work people, who care about work, and getting things done before the holidays. Also, the two women who run Lily's home daycare are really into the holidays, and making them special for the children there. In the past week alone, they've knitted three different (!) little hats for my baby girl. Simply put, they care about caring. 

What are two things you began caring about this year? What inspired that?
This year, I've become increasingly more conscious about my/our "footprint." With so much waste and excess all around us all the time, Carl and I have made a concerted effort to downsize/economize/reuse/recycle. We try very hard to eat/cook all of the food that we buy. We try very hard to give, donate or consign our old clothes, and I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing that wasn't thrifted.

I've also started caring a lot about the food we put in our bodies and the chemicals that we allow into our home. I would say 95% of what we eat at home is organic, natural and/or hormone free. We've also recently switched out all of our super chemical-y, environmentally un-friendly soaps, detergents and cleaners to natural, "green" products. And guess what? It wasn't that expensive and it all just smells so much better. Cleaner. Fresher.

I've also found that most of these "green" companies are doing their own part by donating a portion of their proceeds to worthy non-profits. Seventh Generation (most of our cleaning products are this brand) gives 10% of what they earn to "Healthy Communties," and that's awesome. 

As with most everything in my life, Lily inspired this positive change. We want only the best for our baby girl, and in our home, that means food that isn't genetically altered, meat that isn't laden with hormones and maybe even bleach that's chlorine free. It feels really good to cook for my family with food I know is good for them. And since I'm still nursing, what's good for mama is good for baby.

PS. Are you participating in Radvent? Let me know in the comments section. I'd love to read yours!


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