Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello, friends! I know I broke my promise to return the other day but it's been very, very busy around here and I felt too guilty blogging before I finished my many looming work projects. I still haven't finished them all, but it's Friday afternoon and I figure, I'll live on the edge just this once.

I just had to share these photos of my little family, that I am just crazy about. We went to my company's Christmas party last night and had a nice time. Free dinner, drinks and a pretty (sleepy) baby to show off.

Yay for the holidays!

this is funny because for the past few nights, lily has been a little night owl. as in, she refuses to go down at her bedtime (8p.m.). she's not fussy, she's just ready to play. for hours. of course, the one night we are out actually (kinda) partying, she's out. zzzz....

(on our way out, carl had me snap this one of him. he said, "i really felt like i captured his essence." ha!)


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