A Happy Half-Birthday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Dearest Lily,

You are six months old today, sweet love! How did this happen? How has time flown by soo quickly?
These past six months have been the very happiest of our lives and I thank God each day for blessing us with such a happy and healthy baby. You really are as good as it gets.

In these past few weeks alone, you've hit so many milestones. I am so excited for what's next, but at the same time, I have to admit that I will miss your teeny tiny-ness as you grow. You had your six month doctor's appointment on Tuesday and you did so well. You weigh 18.5 pounds and are 25 inches long! You're our hearty little baby, at the 90th percentile for your weight. hehe. You also took your immunizations like a champ and only cried for a second (I cried with you!).

(here you are looking gorgeous on the examination table)

You're rolling around, talking up a storm, responding to your name and are already sitting up for moments at a time all on your own. In fact, just the other day, we went shopping for wrapping paper and you sat in the shopping cart like a big girl for the very first time!!

I spy a patch of white on your upper gums and I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be cutting your first toof very soon, and I recently caught you holding your bottle and feeding yourself all on your own. (I can't help but be a tiny bit sad about your newfound independence--but I am so proud!)

You love your jumper, when I sing camp songs (which is all the time), when Papa plays guitar, and lately, Hudson! Marcela at daycare tells me you dance in your little excersaucer when they turn music on. Let's just hope you got Papa's sense of rhythm and not mine.

The holidays are here and soon we will be going on a very special and exciting trip with your Saba (my dad) and his whole family, then we'll ring in the New Year back in El Paso, with all your family and cousins who miss you everyday.

 This was your half-birthday outfit, in honor of how much we miss your daddy (he comes home tomorrow!!). And of course, nothing says it's-my-birthday quite like a pair of sparkly kicks ;)

Happy six months, my little love. Watching you grow and explore, and experience so many firsts has brought us immeasurable joy. You are our special, special girl.

Endless love
and kisses..

Your Mama.


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