Birthday Recap

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First of all, thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes. I had the very best day with my beautiful family and I can't but be so very excited for the coming year.

So, on Saturday morning, we all slept in a little (er, Carl & Lily slept while I Instagrammed and Pinterested in bed, obviously). After they woke up and we all cuddled for a bit longer, Carl got up and made his famous poached breggfast, birthday style for yours truly. Yummy.

When Carl asked me what I wanted to do on my special day, all I could think about was how very behind I was on Christmas cards! So off we went to Candlelight, a nearby coffeehouse and wine bar to sign Christmas cards and sip amaretto&coffee. More yumminess.

While we there, we ran into our beautiful neighbor, Mary, and her boyfriend Justin. (Mary had just turned 25 the day before! Hooray for bday buddies!)

Lily was happy as a clam for the first hour or so, then grew cranky (so I held her and wrote), then fell asleep and we were able to finish the cards pretty quickly. Of course, to Carl, "signing" Christmas cards means drawing a customized (slightly obscene) stick figure on each one. Ha!

 haha! this is when our sleepy baby began to get fussy...
(notice the oversized flower on her head is OFF)

*Note: My hair is kinda funky here because I was no-heat-curling-it for our dinner date later that evening :)

Next, we went home for a bit and while Lily & I relaxed, Carl did (all our tons of) laundry and dishes. It was awesome.

And finally, around 8 p.m., we dropped Lily off at the babysitter's house and went out to eat. Oysters, burgers and beer? Yes, please :) Carl gave me the sweetest birthday card in the whole world, and I cried like a big twenty-five year-old baby.

On our way back to the car, we ran into one of my grad school professors and her family. It was so nice to see her! The first words out of Dr. Langston's mouth were, "where's the baby!?" so Lily & I will have to schedule a special office hour visit soon.

After dinner, we stopped by a neighborhood bar for a quick round, took some goofy photos, talked about my 30 before 30 list, and headed back for our baby.

Yes, my fingers are really that long. It is not an optical illusion. My arms and fingers are really, really long and it's really weird.
(In my 7th grade science class, I remember doing a project where the whole class measured their arm span and height, which in all cases were equal. Mine wasn't. My armspan was significantly longer.)

The three of us were back in bed by midnight. The yummiest of all.

Of course, one can never have too long a birthday celebration. Hehe. Mary, Lily and I had a girl's day (afternoon) out on Sunday. Mary treated me to a (desperately needed) pedicure (THANK YOU, MARY!) and afterward, we splurged on some hot cocoa. That's right, yum.


  1. Love the update!You'll have to text me the picture of me and Lily so I can print it :)

    Also, it must be a December 16 & 17, 1986 freak accident because my arm span is longer than my height too!

  2. looks like you had a GREAT birthday! breggfast looks amazing... i'm jealous of all your yummy food!

  3. @Mary- Photo sent! How funny that you have long appendages, too. We really ARE bday buddies!

    @Amy- Thank you! I did have a great birthday. Breggfast is delicious and so easy to make (aside from the poached eggs, which I have yet to master). You just toast some bagels, smear with cream cheese, top with lox and tomato slice and a poached egg. Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste and enjoy!


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