Thanksgiving Recap

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whew! After a blissful (super relaxing) five days in El Paso, full of family, friends and food, we are back in San Antonio--full of work, school, daycare and deadlines. Wah wah. Okay, it's not so's always good to come back to our cozy apartment and it feels nice to be productive again.

Per usual, I probably (definitely) didn't take as many photos as I should have (what with the all the lounging and the wine), but I did snap a few on my iPhone that capture our week pretty well. So, our vacay went a little something like this...

We arrived late Tuesday night and Lily woke up Wednesday morning feeling sick, sleepy and fussy.

She spent most of the day sleeping and nursing, though we did make it out to see my dad for a bit. He was thrilled to see her and couldn't believe how big and chubby she has gotten! hehe.

(poor sick babygirl looks none too pleased)

The next day was Thanksgiving. Lily wasn't quite 100%, but she was still feeling better than the day before and we ventured out to my girfriend Alex's childhood home. Her mama, Dorothea, is an incredible cook and hostess and whipped up yummy huevos rancheros, homeade chocolate cookies and Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Nom.

(yay for childhood besties & baby naps)

I love visiting her home. It's so beautiful and interesting and reminds me of the years spent in that kitchen with Alex and Dorothea, chatting&laughing about anything and everything over hot tea and later, red wine.

This time, we were joined by another friend, Mila, and Alanna, a mid-wife!

Since Alex lives in Mexico City, this was her first time meeting Lily.
It was wonderful.

Lily and her gorgeous "Tia" Alex

embarassing factoid:
alex & i were debutantes together.
the book in front of me is actually a scrapbook of our years as debs/
lots of photographic evidence of me as an awkward, chubby high schooler.

Next, we headed back to Carl's mom's house and ate our weight in turkey, et al.

our little turkey, still with her fussy pants on.

Lily and her big bro, Ryland

The next afternoon, Lily spent some quality time with my mom while Carl, his sister, Valarie, and I had a teeny tiny timeout.

my mom sent me this hilarious picture of lily in a bonnet that my mom's neighbor knitted. LOL!

There was more family, game nights, loving and laughing, which I regrettably didn't capture on film. I guess that's what happens when you're just enjoying it, huh?

One *big* event I did manage to photograph, though, was Lily's first meeting with Santa! She and Ryland posed with the big guy and although she didn't burst out in tears like some thought, we just couldn't get her to smile.

I think it still turned out pretty sweet.

 ryland noticed that santa seemed to have lost a bit of weight since last year.
we assured him that santa diets right before christmas, leaving plenty of room for all the cookies&milk.

beautiful christmas tree at carl's momma's


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