Sunday Links, And Our Saturday Stinks

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday was rough.

Lily has been struggling with serious congestion since Friday night, so it was a long night, waking up every half hour or so to asperate her, make her more comfortable, console her. I hard trouble nursing her because she couldn't breathe well out of her nose, and everytime she'd latch for more than a few seconds, she'd pull off violently, gasping for air. So I'd use saline spray and an asperator, and she'd cry harder.

In the midst of it all, Carl took his Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam first thing Saturday morning. Like a rockstar, he woke up at 5:30 a.m. to prep and review, after having been up with us throughout the night. (So proud of you, love.)

Saturday was worse for Lily. She slept in until 11 (probably to make up for the little sleep she had the night before), but when she woke up, her skin was so hot to the touch, Carl asked me to check her temperature. She had a fever of 102. She was fussy and hot, cranky and uncomfortable. And I was scared. I gave her a lukewarm bath and called the doctor, who said not to worry unless her temperature reached 105. 105?! The whole ordeal made for very cranky parents. Lily was trying so hard to be her usual happy little self but I could see in her swollen, glazed eyes that she was just miserable.

Thankfully, her congestion subsided temporarily, but in its place was a runny nose. So she nursed and slept. All. day. long. I literally laid in bed with her the entire afternoon and evening, because she wasn't feeling well and would start to cry everytime we tried to put her down.

Then, like clockwork, the congestion returned once nighttime began. Again, we struggled for hours to make her comfortable. Help her to breathe.

This morning, though, things are looking better. Brighter. Less stuffy. Carl managed to extract a huge amount of mocos from Lily's little nose, the fever is gone and she's gleefully sucking on her fist as I type.

So let's give this weekend this another go.

A few links to share:
  •  A few weeks ago, I wrote this post on Lily's first "solids." Shame on me for not doing adequate research, but the cereal we gave her was not the best choice.  This article, and suggestions from our doula, other mommies, and even the caregiver at daycare, have reinforced the value of freshly made food and why we should not be feeding her cereal.
  • You've probably seen Simply Breakfast at one point in time, but I came across it again a few days ago and am smitten. Nom nom! 

  •  I can't wait to try out this super easy, super cute gift wrapping idea this season.
  • Are you on Pinterest? Me too!

Have a great Sunday, ya'll.

I leave you with a photo of my super smoochable little baby...


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