An Open Letter to Lily

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Darling Lily,

Today you are 21 weeks old. Next Thursday, you will be 5 months old, and soon we will be celebrating your first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years. This time last year, you were an itty bitty bean in my belly!

I think it's pretty evident that we are crazy about you. By we, I mean everyone who has come to know you. You are a shining star-- a sweet, joyful, vivacious little beacon of light who has added immeasurable amounts of hope and happiness to our small family.

Each morning, you wake up with the most genuine smile, and a glint in your eyes (which are the exact shade of brown as your daddy's) that leaves us breathless. Daddy covers your soft, fat cheeks with kisses and we know that in that moment, life is good.

Over the past few weeks, you've experienced several "firsts." You've had your first tastes of banana (yummy!), carrots (nom nom nom), squash (mmm. this was a favorite), sweet potato (you're not so keen on these) and strawberry puree (delish!). You rolled from your belly to your back all on your own, for the very first time, last Sunday, and have been rolling around ever since. We recently bought a doorway jumper and you love it; we stick you in and you happily bounce about, swatting the dangling toys and gnawing on the padded seat.

Papa also felt a tooth or two readying themselves to pop through your gums. He felt them with his finger, and I've felt them a few times...not on my finger. ;)

You and Hudson are beginning to notice one another. Until recently, the two of you had blissfully co-existed in our home, paying little mind to the other as he wags and lumbers and you are usually, well, wherever you want to be. Now, Hudson will playfully plant his head on our bed and you will perk up and smile, reaching for his wet snout. When you're relaxing in your vibrating seat, he'll peek in and you'll greet him with a hearty smile and a string of baby drool, as if to say, "Well, hello there, friend!"

Next week we'll experience our first Thanksgiving as a family and I couldn't be more excited, or more grateful for you, for your papa, and for our life together. It's not always perfect, but it's ours, and we have so much to be thankful for.

We adore you, foochie poochie. You are everything to us.

With endless love and kisses,
your mama.


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