No Heat Curls: Take Two

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's take a momentary departure from our beautiful baby posts, shall we?

I almost always have my hair up. Be it in a bun, braid, ponytail or clip, it's likely up and out of my face. I wear it this way because (a) I don't have/make the patience/time to "do" it in the morning, (b) my hair is super-duper fine and doesn't hold a style anyway, and (c) Carl says he likes it this way (well, he says he likes it when I wear it down, too, because he's nice). As a matter of fact, I forgot my straightener either at my dad's or Carl's mom's house when we were in El Paso in MAY for our babyshowers, and haven't straightened it since then. (My hair is naturally kinda wavy so when I do wear it down, I just let it airdry).

So I was intrigued when I came across this fast,easy method of curling one's hair with no heat. I tried this the other day before I went to bed but my hair was already dry (I know, fail on my part!), so it didn't exactly work out. Today, my hair was still a little damp at work, so after lunch I gave it another try since I knew I'd be alone in my office and wouldn't have to venture out into the hall. After only a few hours, I grew impatient and took the headband out.

Result? Successful...ish?

I got curls, but they weren't very even and kinda drooped after a few minutes. But they were pretty while the lasted! Next time, I'll really follow the directions and will wear the headband all night long, with dampish hair.

(**i don't know why, but my hair appears to be highlighted here, even though i haven't so much as gotten a trim in over a year. oh well. i'll take it!)


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