Instagram Round-Up: Rushdie, Baby

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holy moly, it's been busy around here. Between Lily's sick day, Carl's big test, and a big school event yesterday, I've hardly had time to get my thoughts together. So of course this means a quick recap via Instagrams.

Sir Salman Rushdie gave a lecture at Trinity University, which is, like, a block away from our apartment. I'm in a graduate English Literature and Language program at St. Mary's University and my class was excited to hear such an important author speak. Since our place is so close to the venue, Carl and I hosted a little pre-event reception for my class (my professor and classmates) at our home. We served Indian food (naturally) and everyone BYOB-ed. Fun all around.

Then, we all (Lily, too) headed to Trinity and scored second-row seats. Sir Rushdie spoke for about an hour mere steps from my baby, who made nary a peep the entire time (further evidence that our child is perfection).

We were asked not to take photos, so I sneakily snapped two with my iPhone.


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