Halloween Recap

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holy cow, it 's been busy round these parts. Quick recap...

Friday- I had an all-day work seminar, but got out a bit early. Spent the rest of the day with Lily and Carl, prepping for the weekend. We had pizza for dinner and Lily wore her pumpkin pjs.

Saturday- We spent most of the day getting ready for my mom's arrival that evening and celebrated her visit with an obligatory photo op. At the last minute, Carl and I decide that we did want to go out for Halloween, and popped into Walgreen's at 11 p.m. to scour their limited (and picked-over) costume selection. Our finds: a vampy vampira and a cunning convict. A bit of fake blood later, we hit the town!

Sunday- Puerto Rican food, a visit to the Shipwreck: Pirates & Treasure exhibit at the museum I work at, and plenty of studying for Carl & I while my mom watched Lily. That evening, I (semi-successfully) baked mummy cupcakes for the Halloween party at Lily's daycare the next day.

Monday- Happy Halloween! Decked out as a red hot chili pepper, Lily celebrated her very first Halloween while mommy worked, daddy schooled and grandma cleaned house. Later, reading, Scattegories, and barbeque sandwiches ensued.

All in all, it was a good (very busy) time and somehow, I was able to finish a HUGE presentation for my grad school class yesterday. It went...okay. I felt myself babbling and babbling and couldn't stop. Oh well.

I am SO grateful to both Carl and my mom for everything this weekend. They both did so much knowing that I was working toward my project. Next up: two big tests for Carl. It's my turn spoil him ;)



  2. Ahem, Alexis...surely you mean the cute little baby in her *jalapeno* outfit. Hehehe

  3. Just found your blog via ohdeardrea. So funny, my namie is Cassie and my blog is called baby makes two! I have been blogging there for almost two years now so it was so funny to stumble upon a blog by a person with my same name and almost exactly the same blog name!

  4. Hi, Cassie! Nice to meet another mama...another Cassie..another "and baby makes" blogger. Thanks for stopping by! Just visited your blog and it's beautiful :)


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