Weekend Recap, Etcetera.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Friday: It was a slow afternoon at the museum, and my kind bosses allowed me to bring Lily to the office for a few hours.

sleeping on the job.

After work, we went home and cuddled with Carl for a bit. Then we dropped Lily off with our sitter for a a few hours while Carl and I enjoyed a grown-up date night. By midnight, we were all back in bed together.

Saturday: We headed here to attend the Quintessence Global Breastfeeding Challenge, a worldwide event to promote breastfeeding and breastfeeding awareness. We participated in the international "latch on," met a few cool couples with cute, cute babies and perused a cloth diaper booths, slings, etc.

Then, we headed home and Carl, Lily and I literally lounged in bed. All. day. long.

my view

Sunday: Errands, laundry, studying, working. Repeat.

The very gracious and talented Natalie has taken our humble little duckling of a blog and has transformed it into the stunning swan that I knew it could be. We've been working (well, she's been working and I've been basically nodding enthusiastically at everything she sends me) through the weekend and I think the finished product will be ready quite soon! YAY!)

a gratuitous shot of lily in her strawberry outfit (complete with strawberry beanie and little strawberry footies) this morning.


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