Slingin' It

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday we attended our local International Babywearing Celebration, organized by San Antonio Natural Parenting. Yes, I know you're probably thinking, International What? Basically, it was a little meetup at a nearby restaurant to promote babywearing and babywearing awareness. Still lost? Babywearing = wearing your baby in a sling, carrier, wrap, etc., and is said to promote bonding between parents and baby, resulting in a happier, healthier, more confident baby. Plus, it's hands-free!

Carl & I wear Lily in a sling or carrier quite often actually, and she loves it. But really, I just enjoy attending these types of events because it affords us the opportunity to meet other young, like-minded mommies & daddies and usually, there are cool prizes/booths to win/explore. This time, we won two brand-new cloth diapers, an organic onesie and a gorrrgeous handmade headband for Lily. The museum I work for donated a family four-pack of tickets to our current big exhibit, and I was happy to have been involved. Yay for babywearing and free stuff!

Otherwise, things were pretty quiet around our place. Cleaning, thrifting, studying, napping, nursing. Repeat.

A few pics:

 our cute baby gearing up to meet other cute babies.

slingin' it with mama

a whole lotta babywearing

afterward, baby kisses & fajitas


  1. Holy crap, that is a whole lot of babywearing!


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