Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a quick note from Lily wishing all of you the very happiest of Halloweens.

My mom is in town and there is/was a lot happening, so I'll have an extended Halloween post up later this evening. Happy haunting!

A Place Called Happiness

Friday, October 28, 2011

In Carl's Professional Ethics class, they've been discussing some pretty heady topics lately, some of which he shares with me as we settle into bed at night. Yesterday, it was the question of happiness, and whether it's something that can be, well, chosen. We talked about this for a while, and Carl, who has spent weeks thinking about this sort of thing, summed it up pretty perfectly (I think).

Happiness isn't a choice. You can't (or maybe he, or we can't) just say, "okay, I'm going to be happy right now," and be it. Rather, happiness is a product of a series of choices you make...some right, some wrong, some easier than others, some small, some really big, some painful, some probably made with little thought or feeling.

Last night was the first time it has felt like Fall all season. It was chilly out, and the three of us fell asleep during the first scene of an early movie. Carl in his thick blue robe, me in my red flannel pajamas, and Lily as a pumpkin. Tonight, we sat around our dinner table and read for class over wine and pizza.

I'm not perfect. Our lives aren't perfect. I've made plenty of good and bad choices in my life, but I wouldn't choose a do-over for any of them. Joined together, they have led me here, to this moment, to this life, and right now, I am happy. I am full. And I am grateful.

Happy weekend, friends. Wishing you the best, from the bottom of my heart.

4 Months!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, Lily celebrated four months of life.

On the eve of the big day, she (semi-successfully) tried her very first "solid" meal: 1 tablespoon rice cereal, 4 tablespoons breastmilk. Can't wait to start expirementing with fresh fruits and veggies!

We also went kinda crazy at Once Upon a Child, this really great children's consignment store here in San Antonio. We basically bought her entire winter wardrobe (ohmygoodness, wait 'til you see her poncho).

Naturally, she went all out in her Lucille Ball onesie and feathered birdcage veil headband.

She has her 4-month well visit appointment this afternoon. Defintely not looking forward to a crying Foosy (shots!), but I'm excited to see how much she's grown.

Happy four month birthday, my sweet baby, I can't even begin to describe the crazy amounts of love I have for you, or how endlessly happy you've made us.

Happy Friday

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm kind of obsessed with this itty bitty beauty.
(sorry for the grainy phone quality!)

It's been a long week.
TGIF, indeed.

Happy Friday, ya'll.

A First

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Tuesday, when I went to pick Lily up from daycare, I found this waiting for me.

I cried.

Our baby's first artwork.

Jackson Pollock ain't got nothin' on our girl.

Slingin' It

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday we attended our local International Babywearing Celebration, organized by San Antonio Natural Parenting. Yes, I know you're probably thinking, International What? Basically, it was a little meetup at a nearby restaurant to promote babywearing and babywearing awareness. Still lost? Babywearing = wearing your baby in a sling, carrier, wrap, etc., and is said to promote bonding between parents and baby, resulting in a happier, healthier, more confident baby. Plus, it's hands-free!

Carl & I wear Lily in a sling or carrier quite often actually, and she loves it. But really, I just enjoy attending these types of events because it affords us the opportunity to meet other young, like-minded mommies & daddies and usually, there are cool prizes/booths to win/explore. This time, we won two brand-new cloth diapers, an organic onesie and a gorrrgeous handmade headband for Lily. The museum I work for donated a family four-pack of tickets to our current big exhibit, and I was happy to have been involved. Yay for babywearing and free stuff!

Otherwise, things were pretty quiet around our place. Cleaning, thrifting, studying, napping, nursing. Repeat.

A few pics:

 our cute baby gearing up to meet other cute babies.

slingin' it with mama

a whole lotta babywearing

afterward, baby kisses & fajitas

An Open Letter to Lily

Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Dearest Lily,

It's been 16 weeks since you were born and in many ways, I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. Strangely though, in other ways, I can hardly remember life before you. You have added so much richness and joy to our home, and everyday we discover something different, and amazing about you. Through you, your papa and I have even learned more about one another, too.

When people ask, "How's Lily?" I have trouble expressing just how wonderful you are. "She's great!" I say, but that's only half the truth. The whole story is that you are so wonderful, such a happy, peaceful, healthy baby, I almost feel a little guilty about how easy we have it. (Almost!). You accompany us everywhere --to dinner, to work (on slow Fridays), to the library, to the movies --and seem to love every minute of it.

We laugh about (and bite!) your chubby cheeks and the rolls that envelope your tiny body, but it's really just our way of expressing our love and excitement about how healthy you are. You're a nice, strong baby and you love supporting your own weight on your chunky little legs. In fact, sometimes you'll bounce yourself up and down, while we hold you up only by our fingertips. Every morning, after sleeping through the night (really! you only wiggle around a bit--Daddy calls you Little Miss Wiggles-- every few hours but I nurse you and you don't even fully awaken), you wake up with an enormous smile on your face and remind us how blessed we are to see another day through your eyes.

Last weekend, we took a family road trip to New Orleans and you did fantastic. You especially loved it when Daddy wore you in your harness and we walked through the French Quarter. Countless times, we were stopped by people admiring your pretty, happy face (and those rolls! nom nom nom). Because we were traveling, we packed disposable diapers and you got your first case of diaper rash. Yucky. A few days of Burt's Bees diaper ointment and your little colita healed up just fine. We also found a lovely babysitter named Lauren, who watched you for a few hours during the evening. Of course, she was smitten with you and you gave her no trouble at all. On Saturday, you slept through her visit, but the second night, you played with her a bit before you dozed off.

You're thriving at daycare, too, where they love you and just yesterday, placed a little foot piano in your crib. You love this as well, and played some pretty great tunes for me this morning when I dropped you off. This weekend, Daddy is working on the crib he's building you (from scratch!), but I have a feeling you'll be sharing our bed for a few more months.

We just can't get enough of you, sweet girl. You are the light in our lives.

Just a little letter
to you from me,
your ever-loving

Work Week in Instagrams: Edition 2

view from below...lily in her harness, touring new orleans with daddy

my hands, her hands, everyone's hands have become lily's new favorite snack.

stalking a sleeping foos
out to dinner with the fam, mixin' prints like a pro.

goofy pics carl and i send to one another
(note his upturned whiskers!)

Happy Friday, everyone!
Shabat Shalom!

Nawlins Photo Dump

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whew! Long week...definitely looking forward to Friday. I guess that's what a long weekend usually does--makes it a little tough to get into the work groove. But here we are, and in honor of our sweet Lily's 16th week of life today, I've put together a little (okay, really big) collection of photos recounting our trip to New Orleans.

What fun! We were only there for a few days (Saturday afternoon through Monday morning), but we managed to cram in window-shopping in the French Quarter, a walking vampire tour, a stop at St. Louis Cemetery #1, a stroll through Jackson Square, and lots (and lots!) of yummy food and drink.

The crew en route

a crawfish paperweight in the lobby of our bed&breakfast

lily touches down in nola!

a common theme at nawlins establishments

our beautiful room, plus a foosy

carl & lily on st. charles street

hehe. look at all those rolls.

probably the world's strongest bloody mary

on the streetcar. i know it's not nice, but a lady just almost totally wiped out at the front of the car. she didn't though, and everyone here is trying to contain their laughter.

the french quarter

st. louis cemetery #1

more of the french quarter, including jackson square and st. louis cathedral

we hired a (fantastic) sitter during the evenings so carl & i could enjoy new orleans' nightlife together grown-up style. two of my old college roommates, aubrey and maggie, are from new orleans recommended a slew of places, including the very pretty column hotel and the very dive-y saint bar.

the photo above is of the three-piece band playing at the saint. we listened to them while munching on some free chili dogs.

carl took hudson on several walks at this park, which was just a few minutes away from our hotel.

Hello, Funny Face

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few Instagrams from this weekend that put a smile on my face...

our happy girl.

hehe. lily's face here cracks me up. all that 'tude. that, and the little milk curdle in the corner of her mouth...


cheers, good sir!

Stay tuned for a (photo heavy) post of our New Orleans trip!

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