Weekly Gratitude: Edition 7

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm a few days late on this, but sometimes deadlines (even those you give yourself) are a little hard to make with a three-month old in tow. But that still doesn't change the fact that this week, I'm especially grateful for..
  • our neighbor, Mary. After Lily was born, she came by to meet our baby girl and gave us a beautiful card offering to babysit. So last night, Mary and her kitty, Coda, watched Lily while I was in class and Carl studied for his midterm. They had a great time together, and Mary texted me these two photos of our sweet girl.

  • Lily's humidifier and aspirator. Our poor baby has been struggling with nasal congestion for the past week. We've had a few long nights lately, trying to clear her tiny nostrils for her to comfortably nurse and sleep.
  • Lily. She makes everything worthwhile. Plain and simple.
  • Carl. I know I include him in each "gratitude" list, but I really do consider myself incredibly lucky to have found a partner like him. He is my best friend and my love, and with him by my side, I know that anything is possible. I'm grateful for our long talks about everything and anything and for the extra five minutes he spends in bed each morning, snuggling with Lily and me before he starts getting ready for the day.
  • French vanilla coffee, two creams, one sugar. Delicious. I've never, ever been a coffee drinker, but the staff kitchen at my office has a Keurig and I expiremented a few weeks ago. Since I'm nursing, I only allow myself one cup a day, but mmmm. Now I know what all the hype is about.


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