Weekly Gratitude: Edition 5

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This week, I am grateful for...

  • Quiet time with my daughter. Sometimes, after I nurse her, I'll rest Lily on my chest so that we're belly to belly. She usually falls asleep when I do this and it's just the most precious, peaceful time. I might read a bit or get some work done on my laptop, but mostly I just lie back and take it in--the light, warm weight of her body, her delicate sighs, the sweet scent of her head. It's all so yummy.
  • Carl getting hired! In the midst of having a new baby, law school classes, having Ryland with us for the summer, training for a triathlon and all the other duties that come with running a household, Carl amazed me even more and got a job as a clerk at a law firm. 
  • Ice pops. In every flavor. It's been over one hundred degrees all week here in San Antonio and I am breast-feeding on top of that. Ice pops have never been more satisfying.
  • The local public library. We've spent a few afternoons recently at Landa library, a public library that is literally a five minute walk from us. It's situated in a renovated older mansion and besides being a gorgeous space, it really offers something for everyone in our family. Books, movies, computers, even a playground. And it's all free!


  1. Lilys' Lita...xoxoAugust 4, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    You never cease to amaze me... good or bad my darling, Cass! And I have to say, I am happily and wonderfully deligted at how beautifully you have taken to motherhood and the blissful duties of a beautiful family... I am very proud of you... Of all of you!;) Kisses.


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