Back at It

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm back. At work. After eight weeks of maternity leave and a blissful period of bonding with our little daughter. Today is Lily's first official day of daycare (yesterday she had a half-day to acclamate), and I can't help but feel sad, like a part of me is less than complete.

I keep hearing it gets easier, and we did really luck out with our caregivers, but still. Aside from missing her, I'm sad about all of the moments I'm anticipating missing in the future. What if her first crawl, steps, word...what if they're all had when I'm away at work and away from Lily?

I suppose I should, like my sister suggested, look on the bright side. I should be grateful that I have a job and a paycheck with which to help support our family, and I should be proud that Lily will one day appreciate the fact that both her parents worked and earned graduate degrees simultaneously. But it's hard. And I miss my little girl. And it's only day one. But I am grateful for this job and I am grateful that we found a clean, affordable, bi-lingual home day care. So I guess it's not so bad. And afterall, I have this face to go home to this afternoon.

Pretty great, huh?

On another note, the Mac people, geniuses that they are, have repaired my computer. I just need to pick it up. I'll be posting much more regularly again very soon. Thanks for reading, and for your patience!


  1. Awww.... I totally feel you. I can't imagine what you're going through exactly, as I've been fortunate enough to be home for almost 8 months now, and I have 2 more until I start working. But I have the same fears: what if she takes her first walk at daycare, or says her first word? I'm considering telling them to keep that info from me if it happens. But I know I won't... I'll think they're lying to me if they telling me she didn't talk or walk. But! Just remember, when she does crawl, walk, talk, etc. for you for the first time - that is STILL a very special thing.

  2. I think a woman is never truly happy with her decision or position. Working women would like to stay home and stay-home-moms want to work. You are blessed any way you look at it!

  3. My precious Cass continue to enjoy every passing fraction of a second with Lilys! The very first time she walks, talks or crawls for you and Carl... WILL be the very first time for all of you!!! Kisses, mom



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