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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks now since we've welcomed little Lily into our lives! Our days are good and full and crazy, in that order. Carl and I find ourselves gazing at our sweet daughter, taking deep whiffs of her baby smells and admiring her full, pink skin (her chubby baby legs look good enough to eat!).

Ryland is a happy, helpful big brother and has even taken to giving her big smooches on her forehead... a big step for a little boy who thinks kisses are gross :) Speaking of Ryland, it was a big morning for him today! He lost his very first tooth and is already eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy tonight.

Carl started summer school classes yesterday and is back in school mode, juggling a class in the morning, family and studying during the afternoon and another class in the evening, followed by more studying and more family time. He's our hero! He has also recently committed to a new fitness routine in order to start training for a triathlon this year!! He's been working out and swimming and we're in the process of pricing some used bikes. I swear, he amazes me more and more each day. He's also got a birthday coming up next week, and he's been a very good boy...

And me, well, I'm just enjoying the time at home with my family and tackling tiny projects in between marathon breastfeeding sessions. Life is good.

For now, I am so excited to share a few photos from our newborn session with Sara K Blanco!


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