Weekly Gratitude: Edition 3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This week, I am most grateful for:
  • A safe and happy trip to the coast with my little family. We really had the most beautiful time and I am so thankful we got to experience it together before the baby makes her appearance.
  • The video camera we bought last week and the time Carl spent filming and editing the video that documents our beach trip.
  • Our dog, Hudson. He is such an important part of the family and it was a treat taking him to the beach and watching him enjoy himself so completely. The night we camped out, he never strayed (just explored for a few minutes here and there), but quietly held court outside our tent to protect us. Every hour or so, he'd poke his head in to make sure we were safe and sound and remind us he was there.
  • The little baby gifts that continue to trickle in from our friends and family. This morning, Del, the housekeeper at the museum where I work, left a bagful of baby goodies on my desk. What a sweet surprise!
  • Carl and Ryland and their continual efforts to make me feel special and loved during this time in my pregnancy. Last night after class, I came home to my boys cooking one of my favorite dishes and a homemade dessert. One of the best parts? The eggplant was topped with fresh basil plucked right out of our herb garden!


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