A Week in iPhotos: Edition 2

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In lieu of a traditional game at one of our baby showers, my sister introduced this really special bonding activity for the guests. She looped one long string around everyone's wrist and asked those who wished to share a few well-wishes or words of wisdom about birth or parenthood. Then, after those who chose to spoke, each person cut the string and tied it around their wrists as a symbol of support and love for me and the baby. She asked everyone to keep it on until I deliver (I have one on, too).

Every now and then, my beautiful best friend Alex, who lives all the way in Mexico City, will snap a photo of her bracelet and send it to me to remind me that she is thinking of us. This time, she was holding a Lily flower, a possible namesake for our little daughter. Made my day.

Our neighborhood squirrel. Each morning, I catch him hopping from this post to a massive tree outside our door. Here he is enjoying his breakfast.

Our newest addition: a cam-corder! Carl and Ryland are documenting their latest adventure as I type this.

Full-term and hugely pregnant. Come out, come out, baby girl, we would love to meet you now.

View from the top. Slowly but surely my feet are disappearing.


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