Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! 

I am so blessed to have two amazing fathers in my life; my own wonderful dad and Carl, my love, partner and father of my unborn baby. A little message to each of you...

Dear Daddy,

On this special day, I honor you and the man you've been in my life. You've shown me love, laughter and joy, and what it means to breathe in each moment and appreciate all the goodness around me. Thank you for your continual support and faith in me and in my own family; I strive each day to make you proud. Happy Father's Day, Abbaleh. I love you!

(my sister, my dad and me, september 2010)

My Dear Carl,

I find myself falling deeper in love with you each and every day. You are my friend, my light and my love, and I am honored to be starting a family with you. You impress me each day through your talent, your wit, your sensitivity and your hard work. I have learned so much about myself through you, and because of you, I strive to be the very best woman I can be, for you and for our family. Thank you for everything you do, all day, everyday, for us. Happy Father's day, my handsome man. I love you more than I can adequately express.

(carl and me, september 2010)


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