Baby Duds

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the most part, we've had to do very little shopping for baby clothes. We've been gifted so many adorable onesies and cute outfits, that we've hardly had to purchase any clothing ourselves, and what we have purchased has been largely second-hand. Because, really, the baby will wear each outfit only a handful of times before she grows out of them, and why spend $10 on an outfit when you can pay just .99 cents?

Of course, being a recovering shopaholic, I have splurged on a few really special pieces, and I couldn't not share our most recent purchase for our little daughter...

Ha! Aren't they the cutest?! Let me explain...

Growing up, I was an I Love Lucy fanatic. As a nine-year-old, I found it extremely comforting to curl up to reruns on Nick at Night and I believe I've read Lucille Ball's autobiography Love, Lucy (it graces our coffee table even now) in its entirety a half a dozen times.

Moving on to the Edgar Allen Poe onesie... Carl and I actually met in 2008 in an Introduction to Poetry class; he was pursuing his BA in Creative Writing and I, my minor. Quite...apropo, ay? (Pun intended. Hehe).

And finally, Abraham Lincoln has been a huge source of inspiration for Carl, as a law student and otherwise. I love the baseball tee style. This little girl will be representin', that's for sure.

So no, these aren't quite the frothy little tulle confections that you'd imagine, but she has plenty of those in her wardrobe already. These are probably much more us anyway. I can just imagine her in her little Lincoln onesie, pint-sized Vans and a big, fabulous pink bow in her hair. So fun.


  1. OMG I loooooooove Lucille Ball! I really thought I was the only kid in the world that used to watch I Love Lucy reruns on Nick at Night! I know every episode.

    These are all so cute! Good finds.

  2. Natalie, we are kindred spirits, I tell you. And yes, Lucille Ball is the best. If you haven't read Love, Lucy, I highly recommend it!

  3. love these onsies! i love finding quirky fun clothes for parker to give him some personality apart from all the other run of the mill baby clothes, too :)

  4. Thanks, Amy! I love your blog and am happy to have you visit ours :)


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