Weekend Showers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whew! What a weekend. Late last Wednesday, Carl and I flew to El Paso to see our family and friends once more before our daughter arrives. We were quite literally showered with love (three in total!) and we couldn't feel more blessed or grateful. Our little girl is coming into this world with so much love, support and warmth around her and because of her. Thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate, and those who couldn't, but who were there in spirit.

Friday evening, my mom threw us a tea party-themed shower that was mostly attended by her girlfriends and clients. Hats required!

An assortment of sweet tea cups

Cupcake tree. They tasted and good as they looked.

 Handsome Daddy-to-be and his good friend, Turner

Carl takes a stab at guessing my belly size. He overestimated. Thanks, honey.

 Yay for adorable baby girl clothing!

A cute shot of the guests who stayed until the very end. Thank you all!

On Saturday evening, Carl's lovely mama threw us a shower and we were so lucky to have her whole family and Carl's good friends join us. So fun!

Veronica and Nate

My mama and me. Note my pretty pink corsage from Carl's Grandma Tela. It's a beautiful Mexican tradition for the daddy-to-be to pin one on the mommy-to-be.

Carl's cousin, Sabine, uncle Danny, mom and sister, Valarie. Sabine's expression was too funny not to share.

Carl and me.

The trip was incredibly fast-paced, and I tried to snap as many photos as I could, but I feel like I didn't quite capture everyone and everything I wanted to. Because there was a professional photographer at our third shower, I didn't bother to take my own, so unfortunately I don't have any from that day to share at the moment. The shower on Sunday was thrown by my dad's family and was really special and lovely, as well, and a great way to cap off our weekend. My beautiful sister did so much to make it all happen and I hope to have photos of the event soon!


  1. You all were showered with LOVE my darling!<3


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