She's A Biggin'!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A tiny foot.

Already quite the little lady. Ankles crossed, thank you very much.

It's still a girl!

What a fun few days we've had! We had a lot going on, so here's the quickest recap I can manage:

Friday- We had our 32 week Ob-Gyn appointment and received some big news: she's positioned head down (hooray!), and baby girl is already weighing in at 4 pounds, 15 ounces! This means she's measuring at 37 weeks, or five weeks bigger than she really is. The doctor is predicting she'll be about 8.5 pounds at delivery, should we make it to 40 weeks. Wow. I was only 5 pounds, 8 ounces when I was born, so this whole pregnancy I've been imagining she'd be petite, too. Not the case. Carl was around 8 pounds at birth so I'm chalking this, and my 30 pound weight gain, to him. Hehe. 

After the appointment, we grabbed Hudson and headed to celebrate Carl finishing his first year of law school at the Olmos Bharmacy, a cute diner in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful night out and the live band made it even more special. As usual, Hudson was quite the hit. 

Saturday- Our doula, Tina, came by for an early morning appointment. We had a long discussion about what to look for before heading to the hospital when I go into labor. Basically, we plan to labor at home for as long as possible. We figure this is the best way to stave off unwanted medical interventions. We are so fortunate to live just five minutes away from our hospital, so  as long as my contractions aren't coming closer than 2 minutes from one another, home is where we'll be.

Later that day, we had our long-awaited maternity photo shoot! We met Sara at Brackenridge Park, a vast park on the San Antonio River. Carl and I were both a little unsure going into the shoot, and didn't want anything to look too posed or too corny, but Sara was a total pro and put us (and Hudson) at ease. She said it's not her style to make the shots seem forced, so while we were aware of the camera, we had a blast cuddling and rolling around in the grass and picking bugs off of one another after said rolling. 

That evening, we were happily surprised when Carl's cousin, Sabine, and her boyfriend, Andre, let us know they would be in town for a few hours. Sabine is pregnant with her second (a boy!), so the four of us had a great time chatting about all things baby on the River Walk, over hot wings and curry fries. Mmm...

Sunday- This morning, Carl cooked up a sweet mama-to-be breakfast and we set off to Home Depot. Now that finals are over, we're starting to transition our office into the nursery and the sun room/Hudson's room into Carl's office. Hudson has been unkind to that little room, to say the least, so Carl spent most of the day patching things up. Next up...painting! We're headed to the park soon to grill some steaks and let Hudson get a bit of exercise. 

Sorry for the long post; it's been a very full, and very fun, weekend around here. Here's hoping you all enjoyed yours, too. 



  1. Genesis was 8 lbs 13 oz. Large and in charge! But Israel was 13 lbs so I had that looming over my head for 42 weeks. haha.

  2. Love the pics and the update darling! Keep posting!<3
    Love you and miss you all! Just a few more days and you all will be home. Hudson, too??

  3. Dori, 8 lbs., 13 oz.!? Yikes. Ok, maybe I shouldn't complain just yet.

    Mom, thanks for visitng :) Unfortunately, Hudson won't be able to make the plane ride with us so we're having to board him. Poor baby. We'll miss him!


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