32 Weeks

Friday, May 6, 2011

Last weekend, Carl and Hudson joined me at a work picnic. I was actually there to snap photos of the event, but luckily, one of the attendees offered to take a quick pic of our family as we were leaving. I can't say I love how I look here (note to self: cup your belly when you're wearing loose clothing to avoid looking like a big blob), but I do think it's a great picture of us overall. I'm a little over 31 weeks pregnant here.

Today, I'm 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and we're headed to the doctor's office for an ultrasound in about an hour. I have really come to look forward to our appointments. I think Carl gets a kick out of me trying to express just how very informed (ha!) and passionate I am about natural childbirth, often to our doctor's amusement. She basically thinks I'm corny but nevertheless, we really like her. We feel comfortable with her and appreciate how frank she is with us. We'll be presenting our hippie-dippie Birth Plan to her today, so I'm hoping she's supportive. Meanwhile, I cannot wait to see our baby girl on the monitor! It's so comforting hearing her little heartbeats and today's ultrasound will be a special treat for us.

Will post appointment updates soon. Hope you're enjoying your Friday!


PS. Today marks the last official day of Carl's first year of law school. Congratulations, my love. You are the light of my life and I couldn't be more proud of you.


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