Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, Lily and I had the privilege to join my girlfriend, Xelina, and her family at their lakehouse in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, about an hour away from our home in San Antonio. X and her family had a couple days head-start, so as soon as the weekend hit, my best girlfriend Emily, Lily and I piled in my car and made our way out.

"beach" bound
the "infinity pool" outside of the lake house 
 little miss lily scoping things out 
emily and xelina
two of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet. 
my very favorite swimsuit from my very favorite hometown store
what i love most: eating, drinking, and good company 
 xelina, her husband, little "hector" and em


Horseshoe Bay sits on Lake LBJ which is very special to me. I went to a summer camp for ten years of my childhood life of this lake and most of my happiest memories happened right on these waters and it was so bring Lily here. 

 lovely hosts

Lady Date

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When I was pregnant, I fantasized about the day when my eventually pre-teenaged daughter and I would spend afternoons together, blissfully splurging on long lunches, swapping summer camp stories and sipping Shirley Temples,  perusing the racks at the local thrift (what, that's not your perfect day??). In short, I couldn't wait to have my own little live-in best friend. Fast forward two years and I've done all of the above  chased Lily through a lot of thrift stores, but more often than not my "dream day" has been cut short by a pre-naptime meltdown (er, reality).

But! As Lily gets older and more communicative and less dependent on a stringent noon - 3 p.m. siesta, we've been able to log some major buddy days in. Sometimes I find myself missing her company so much, I scoop her up from daycare a little early just to have her around. Doing things. Yesterday was one of those days. I finished my pressing tasks at work a bit early and headed Lily's way, when it crossed my mind that it would be the perfect time to get that pedicure I've been putting off for days (weeks?).

This time, I thought, Lily could come, too. Because, why not? The rose-colored mommy-daughter dates danced through my mind. I armed myself with extra lollipops, a carton of organic vanilla milk from Starbucks (Lily's fave), a sheet of stickers and a fully-charged phone and we marched into my favorite local salon. Luckily, it wasn't overly crowded and the wait was minimal. Plus, the staff is super friendly and accomodating. Nary an eyebrow raised when I took a seat in the pedicure chair and plopped my very curious toddler on my lap.

first she fueled up

then she made herself comfortable. 

next, she dove right in.

So... how feasible is a pedicure with a two-year old? Well, it wasn't the relaxing experience I usually look forward to, but Lily and I both left with perfectly polished toes, and that's what counts. My technician was super patient as Lily stuck her toes, then torso, in the pedicure tub, then "accidentally" swatted the technician with a towel. After a while though, Lily relaxed and we had enough stickers to keep her busy while we finished up. Lily was super excited about having her toenails polished (and trimmed and filed!), even declaring they were "booful" before we left the salon.

nobody puts baby in the corner

ahem. lily is waiting. 

"tada!" she says.

Lily is still so mesmerized by her coral toes that she commands, "no touch!" every time I ask to take peek.

All in all? Even more perfect than I had imagined.

Lily en EspaƱol

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've written many times about how lucky we are to have found the daycare we did. Not only is "Tia's" home daycare less than five miles away from my work and our own home, but our care providers love Lily like she is part of their family (in many ways, she is). Aside from all of that, though, one huge benefit to her daycare is that the family speaks primarily Spanish in their home, so Spanish has really become Lily's first language.

Lily speaks and understands Spanish. Really well. She's been remarkably verbal since she was a tiny baby and now she can totally communicate in both Spanish and English, and it's amazing. Lately, she's been stringing many words together, saying complete phrases in another language, and my heart swells with pride each time I hear her.

 to tia's house she goes...

I am thrilled about her progress and try my best to speak Spanish to her at home to reinforce it. But honestly, I think she'll surpass me soon. She's that good. Lily has Hispanic roots on both my side and her dad's side, and I would love for her to continue to explore that.

A few of Lily's favorite palabras en Espanol:
  • damelo!  (give it to me) 
  • mira! (look!)      she pronounces this one "mee-ah!" and then usually proceeds to show off something she's particularly proud of, like putting her own shoe on her pata
  • ven (come)         she pronounces this one "ben" and it usually goes something like, "Mami! Ben!"
  • me pego (it hit me) she's been especially keen on this one lately. if she falls, the floor "me pego." if hudson accidentally whacks her with his tail, "husson me pego." 
  • no quiero (i don't want)     she pronounces this one, "no keh-whe". and she always seems to know exactly what she does and doesn't want.
  • tomate (tomato) one of her favorite snacks. 
  • mio! (mine!) she uses this one quite frequently.
  • mano (hand) 
  • moco (booger) she especially loves to yell this after picking one from her nose and generously handing it to mama to dispose of.
  • lechita (milk) "chita" is her special name for the boob. 
  • arroz, carnita y pollito (rice, meat and chicken) her faves!
  • pan (bread) because who doesn't like bread?
The list goes on and on and honestly, it gets longer each day. Are any other languages spoken in your home? 

A Second Birthday

Saturday, August 3, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, Lily turned two years old. I don't know how it happened or why time is passing so quickly, but so it is. Since Lily loves all things fishy/water/swimming-related, we had an "Under the Sea" party in our backyard. Maybe we don't have a real swimming pool, but we had lots of kiddie pools and water toys for all her friends (and their lovely mommies and daddies) to play with.

Of course, my a/c konked out the morning of the party, so it was actually cooler outside (in texas, in the end of june) than it was in my house. Luckily, there was no shortage of water or beer or juice boxes.... and really good sports :)

Here is a [super photo heavy] recap of the fun...

 beautiful mamas, rachel & sara

an under the sea party isn't complete without go-fish 

bathing babies


my beautiful sister, kiki, who drove all the way from dallas for the day.

matt & isis

baby wyatt

 nicci & jackson

 the birthday girl doing birthday things?

the cake, baked and decorated by my super talented friend, lizzie, who sadly was out of town for the party (it was a hit, liz, thank you again!)

aquilah & orlando

lil greg 

nick & elliot looking too much like little boys (and not babies) for my liking.


miss pistol  

presents! lily lost interest after opening a whole two, i think. 

cousin noah

birthday wishes


Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello :) It's been a while, eh? After nearly a year away from writing this blog, I've decided to recommit myself. I've missed this too much, and Lily is growing up much too quickly. So, I'm back! As much has changed, I'll post a few recaps, but I'm just excited to be writing again. 

In a nutshell... Last October, Lily and I (plus Hudson) moved into the little house I last posted about. A few months later, I started a new job, and now work as the marketing manager for a weekly magazine in San Antonio. I've spent the past half-year finishing my graduate courses (gotta get that thesis written), working harder and longer than ever before, and raising Lily as a single mama. I've made beautiful connections with a lot of inspiring women, committed to therapy, co-"starred" in my very first art exhibit at a real gallery, and have felt both more independent and peaceful, and more uncertain than ever before. Carl graduated from law school and continues to be a great papa to our little girl. Life is unpredictable and tough sometimes, but I feel strong, hopeful... and lucky to lead the life I do. 

The photo above is one of my favorites. My friend Sara Blanco (who also shot our maternity and newborn photos) asked to photograph Lily and I a few months ago. She asked to come into our home and capture us on a typical Sunday, and this is what she saw...

a sneak peak into lily's bedroom

le artiste 

love this little girl so so much

every good artist needs a bath afterward

my little free spirit.

handsome hudson

a spot of tea

i just love her expression here. 

ready for nap time

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